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Alex McKelley is a 3D Artist and Animator with an extensive background in game design, photogrammetry, VR and AR experientials, and more. She has created Game Cover Art for D.C, Dreamworks, and other alike companies, as well as animated for music videos and feature films. She also worked on animation, AR device deployment, and technical support for Marina Abramovic's AR performance piece, "The Life."

Alex specializes in hard surface modeling, texture painting, lighting, rigging, rendering, facial animation, motion capture, character design, and sculpting.

In her free time Alex enjoys building fantastical 3D worlds that act as windows into the day-to-day lives of aliens, fairies, and a whole variety of unique, well thought out characters

Unreal Engine
Substance Painter
Octane Render
Reallusion Character Creator
Marvelous Designer
Snap Lens Studio
Spark AR
Rokoko Motion Capture
Facial Animation
GLT/GLBF Web Configuration
AR/VR Device Deployment
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